Silence Broken After 50 Years

Writen By Rita Odom Moseley

Silence Broken After 50 Years: Brown v Board and Prince Edward County 1959-1964 consists of over 150 interviews. The interviewees share their experience of how the five year public school closing and Massive Resistance directly affected their lives in Prince Edward County from 1959-1964. The book shares historical timelines that traces from Plessy v Ferguson in 1896 to historical events of the year 2020. Silence Broken After 50 Years will surprise readers to discover seldom seen pieces of history in one book from many different angles.


Book Previews -Based On A True Story

  • No School

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My Reviews

  • I believe No School is destined to be a 21st century classic for young adult readers. Many, like me, attended and graduated high school in Virginia in the early 1960’s. This is a must read for every high school student and adult in America.

  • A wonderful story for both young and old to read. One would never imagine what a young individual had to go through in Virginia from 1959 to 1964 to receive a public education. "No School" authored by Rita Odom Moseley, is a jewel in itself in that it tells a true story; and one that the reader will not be able to put down until they finish the entire book.